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Traditional Beduin Evenings

Experience timeless Arabia ...

At Camel Uschi we offer an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and a setting to relax in the peace and tranquility of the Arabian desert. Our authentic Bedouin camp offers guests a glimpse of a past time when many of the region's people lived a simple life in harmony with their desert environment. 

Our Bedouin staff welcome guests to our camp with tea flavoured with traditional spices and Arabic sweets. Guests are free to explore the desert camp and visit our camel farm, with staff members on hand to answer questions.

Afterwards, you are invited to ride our camels along desert trails, guided and supervised by our expert camel handlers, you can climb on the dunes around the farm or just sit down and relax in a Beit Sha'ar, a Bedouin handwoven goat hair tent, furnished with hand-made cushions, carpets and decorations. 

Just with the sunset we cook Arabian Bedouin dishes in front of your eyes using traditional cooking methods. Meat and vegetables are cooked on an open fire, or as madfoun or mandi (methods of cooking in hot embers buried under the ground). We are offering chicken, goat or camel meat, vegetables, salad, freshly baked bread and fresh fruits (according to advance menu orders). Vegetarian food is also available. 

Enjoy a traditional Bedouin meal beneath the stars!

Of course, no Bedouin meal would be complete without a coffee ceremony, preparing and serving 'qahwa' (Arabic coffee). Once a precious commodity, serving coffee to visitors was regarded as a sign of both generosity and wealth. 

Ursula Musch Dubai by Mike Meyer Collect
Ursula Musch Dubai by Mike Meyer Collect
Ursula Musch Dubai by Mike Meyer Collect

All desert evenings are hosted by the Beduin staff and, only, if she is available - Camel Uschi will be there too. The events will be arranged according to your wishes and number of guests.

Whether you will enjoy the venue exclusively for a romantic togetherness or with family and/ or friends, desert afternoons and evenings always offer a very special atmosphere and adventure. Even guests staying in Dubai for ages already will be impressed and fascinated.

All those who would like to join as single person or small group only may book for Camel Uschi's 'open evening' which is offered normally once a week (except hot summer months). These evenings can be booked online and you may add an easy and safe transfer to the farm and back as well. 

For exclusive events or evenings, please send us an email and we will come back to you!

Ursula Musch Dubai by Mike Meyer Collect
Ursula Musch Dubai by Mike Meyer Collect
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