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Living her passion for beduin life

Kamel Uschi founder Ursula 'Uschi' Musch - or Oosha to her Arab friends - has been living in the United Arab Emirates for more than 20 years. Born in southwestern Germany, she first visited the Emirates in 1988 as a tourist and has developed a life-long passion for UAE culture and Bedouin traditions. 

Once given a young female camel called Sarab by a prominent Emirati camel breeder, Uschi is a successful camel breeder in her own right and keeps a herd of 30 camels at her desert farm. She established Kamel Uschi to share her love of camels, Arabian desert life and traditional Bedouin cooking.

Today, Kamel Uschi provides authentic Arabian desert experiences drawing on the tradition, lifestyles and cuisine of the region's Bedouin tribes. Over the years, Kamel Uschi has been honoured to welcome royalty, heads of states, business leaders and pop stars. Meanwhile, Uschi herself has become a well-known proponent of Bedouin culture and cuisine across the Arab world.

Ursula Musch Dubai by Mike Meyer Collect

Camel Uschi, well known in the UAE, tourism industry and from global television coverage, runs one of the most exclusive traditional farms in Dubai. 

Living in the local community for more than 20 years, Camel Uschi founder Ursula 'Uschi' Musch knows the local UAE culture and Bedouin traditions which form the pillars of her service.

Her guests experience true Arabian hospitality, limited to small groups in an authentic setting. Uschi loves to share her experience and stories about her camels with guests after she has prepared delicious Bedouin food.

Ursula Musch Dubai by Mike Meyer Collect
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