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Kamel Uschi at your venue

Provide your guests with a traditional Arabian welcome

Kamel Uschi provides a variety of onsite heritage hospitality services to hotels, resorts and other private and public venues that wish to offer traditional Arabian hospitality to their guests. So if you are planning an event at your own venue, we can bring the Bedouin culture to your place - even the camels. 


We provide the Beit Sha'ar goat hair tents, authentic furnishings, decorations, Arabic coffee ceremony and saddled Arabian dromedary camels, all managed by our Bedouin staff.

Over the years Kamel Uschi has partnered with a number of five star hotels to offer Arabian heritage services the year-round. We also welcome guests at public events including Al Marmoom Heritage Festival camel races in Dubai.

Ursula Musch Dubai by Mike Meyer Collect
Ursula Musch Dubai by Mike Meyer Collect
Ursula Musch Dubai by Mike Meyer Collect
Ursula Musch Dubai by Mike Meyer Collect

A typical onsite set-up comprises

  • Handmade Beit Sha'ar
    Kamel Uschi staff will erect a Beit Sha'ar at your venue. Our original Bedouin tent is furnished with traditional handmade cushions, floor coverings and decorations.

  • Bedouin Staff
    Two of our Bedouin staff will be on hand to welcome your guests and manage all aspects of our service on-site.

  • Coffee & tea service
    Our staff will prepare fresh Arabic coffee and tea with spices in the traditional Arabian style, together with other items as agreed (e.g. fresh dates, or Arabic sweets).

  • Incence burning
    Our authentic Bedouin hospitality service also includes Arabian incense (oud and/or bukhur)

  • Camels onsite at your venue
    We will provide up to four Kamel Uschi-trained camels onsite as an attraction for your guests, cared for by our expert handlers.

  • Camel rides for guests
    All camels provided are owned and managed by Kamel Uschi from our desert camel farm and used to being ridden by adults and children.

Of course, we will arrange a viewing at your place to see the place and arrange a setting according to your facilities. Just send a short email or contact notice and let us help you plan a special event to remember!

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