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Timeless Arabia

Experience the nomadic desert life on a camelback

The Bedouin owe their very existence to their camels. First domesticated some 3,000 years ago, the camel can provide Bedu with food, clothing, fuel and transport. In past times, camels were the only way to travel long distances.

Kamel Uschi's camel farm has been breeding dromedary camels for nearly 20 years. Our camels are trained and cared for according to age-old Bedouin traditions. They are saddled in the Arabian style by our staff, with a handmade pad filled with palm leaves. 

Arriving at our farm, our Bedouin staff welcomes you with traditional refreshments. You are invited to explore the camel farm with staff members on hand to answer questions. 

Afterwards you are invited to ride a camel along the unique desert trails of the Wadi Saih al Salam. Our experienced camel handlers will guide you and of course provide help to first-time camel riders. Enjoy the tranquility of the desert on a camelback!

Ursula Musch Dubai by Mike Meyer Collect

Following your camel ride you are welcome to relax on the farm or in the dunes behind in a traditional beduin tent and enjoy the sundowner. 

Upon your reservation my bedouins will prepare local delicious food, like beans (Fasiola), goat chops and freshly baked arabic bread.

Bookings can be done online, we can also arrange your transfer from your hotel/location to the farm and return.

Please book the transfer option additionally to your activity and do not forget to leave us your contact details, to be able to get in touch.

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